Richmond gym raises money for fallen officer

Richmond gym raises money for fallen officer
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On February 2nd, 2021, FBI Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger was one of two agents killed in the line of duty while executing a federal search warrant related to crimes against children.

In order to help raise money for her husband and two children, the Richmond CrossFit Cygnus participated in the Lift Like Laura fundraiser last Saturday.

Jay Taheny, the owner and head coach of the Richmond facility, said he has several members of his “box” — a CrossFit term for gym — in law enforcement, which prompted him to get involved.

“After Laura lost her life in the line of duty, her box (CrossFit Vice in Coral Springs, FL) wanted to put together a fundraiser for her family,” he told The Register. “Some of my members brought it to my attention and I was honored to have the opportunity to support that cause by hosting the “Lift Like Laura” workout at my box.”

Despite being several states away, Taheny said CrossFit gyms are a close knit community.

“While there may be minor differences in individual gyms, there are many more things that most gyms have in common,” he explained. “Patriotism, service, supporting fellow community members are just a few. I didn’t really “decide” to host the fundraiser, when I heard about it, I knew I had to do my part. But that said, if I lost one of my members or one of them were in need of financial support, I have no doubt every box in KY would chip in and help out in some way.”

For the event, Schwartzenberger’s home gym created a workout in her honor that consisted of some of her favorite workout activities; rowing, burpees, and power cleans. In order to host the event, the Kentucky box disseminated word to members and local organizations that may have individuals who would be interested in attending.

“This was important to do because, as a box owner, I am responsible for ensuring my members are fully aware of the CrossFit community,” he said. “As I mentioned, I’ve been involved with CrossFit for nearly 8 years, but I have several new members that are completely new to the sport and learning how are community works. I did this to support a cause, but I also did this as a way to lead by example and show our members that they are more than just a member of a gym. They are a member of a community that will take care of them if they fall on hard times.”

On Saturday, the gym had over 40 individuals complete the workout and raised $317 for her GoFundMe.

People can still donate to Laura’s GoFundMe at To date, over $140,000 has been raised for her husband and two sons.


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